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    SubjectRe: [patch 00/28] PNP: convert fixed tables to lists, v3
    thanks for the update, bjorn.

    it applied cleanly to top of linus' tree,
    built cleanly and booted cleanly -- no unexplained dmesg diffs.

    there are a couple of warnings -- i'll look
    at those after the celtics.


    On Tue, 17 Jun 2008, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

    > This patch series contains all my PNP patches that are not yet in Linus'
    > tree, including both the "convert resource table to dynamic list" series
    > and the "convert resource options to unified dynamic list" series.
    > This series should replace all the PNP patches in -mm from
    > pnp-add-detail-to-debug-resource-dump.patch
    > ...
    > not-for-merging-pnp-changes-suspend-oops.patch
    > except for isa-set-24-bit-dma_mask-for-isa-devices.patch, which got
    > stuck in the middle but isn't really PNP-related.
    > I'll be on vacation for the rest of the week, so I won't be able to
    > respond to any issues until Monday.
    > Here are the significant changes since the last posting:
    > - When replacing pnp_resource_table, the PNPACPI resource encoders
    > have to explicitly handle disabled resources; previously any
    > unused slots in the table were implicitly disabled. This should
    > fix Jiri Slaby's oops on suspend/resume (though he hasn't tested
    > this version).
    > This change is in the patch titled "PNP: replace pnp_resource_table
    > with dynamically allocated resources".
    > - Added a new patch to keep disabled IRQ and DMA resources when parsing
    > current config. This fixes a bug in the current (2.6.25) PNPACPI
    > code: consider a device with (mem, irq0, irq1, io), where irq0 is
    > disabled. If we drop irq0 when parsing the _CRS, we will mistakenly
    > put irq1 in the irq0 slot when we encode resources for an _SRS call.
    > - Added a new patch to avoid interrupts used by an IDE controller in
    > compatibility mode.
    > - Added a new PNPACPI patch to support HP vendor-specific descriptors.
    > This has long been supported by arch/ia64/kernel/acpi-ext.c, which
    > provides an hp_acpi_csr_space() interface, but I think it's better
    > and more generic to support it in PNPACPI.
    > Changes since v2 of "convert resource options to unified dynamic list":
    > - fixed bisection problem in quirk_ad1815_mpu_resources()
    > - fixed checkpatch warning in pnp_show_options()
    > (pnp-convert-resource-options-to-single-linked-list-checkpatch-fixes.patch)
    > - replaced pnp_independent_option() with literal 0
    > - fixed coding style in pnp/manager.c
    > - added EXPORT_SYMBOL(pnp_possible_config)
    > (pnp-add-pnp_possible_config-can-a-device-could-be-configured-this-way-fix.patch)
    > Bjorn
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