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    SubjectRe: Regressions in the last kernels
    Please don't drop the CC list from your replies and please don't top-post.

    On Sunday, 15 of June 2008, werner wrote:
    > The 2nd problem anyway is present with the 2.6.26-rc5 and -rc4 kernels.
    > It was NOT presend with 2.6.25-rc9, at least not on 1 IBM laptop what I had
    > before-yesterday, which had the problem with 2.6.26-rc5/4 but not with
    > 2.6.25-rc9 (all other config was the same). It did NOT help change edd from
    > off to on, so that is a new problem. With -rc6, I donk know because I couldnt
    > test it yet, the man had gone away with his laptop already.

    Okay, so this issue seems to be a recent regression.

    > Many people bring me old computers to repair. I always throw out Windows and
    > install Linux. So I see plenty kernel errors. But I dont have time to report them
    > all, only some. And normally I dont have long time the computers because
    > later the people come and go away with them computers.
    > I make all my kernel packages for i486 because here in the 3rd world many
    > people have old computers
    > However these kernels should work on newer computers too, like on my server
    > what has 8 GB memory. With i486, all the last kernels 2.6.26 cannot be
    > configured to more than 4 GB and, running, nor that is working correctly.

    This is intentional, as i486 processors cannot handle more than 4 GB of RAM.


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