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SubjectRE: Kernel marker has no performance impact on ia64.

Takashi Nishiie wrote:
>> I think that I only have to add the item that shows the type of an
>> accurate argument if the format of "Module.markers" is changed.
Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
>I think those 'semantic' type information (which informs you what
>is this value and how this value should be recorded) should be
>defined by each tracer, because what information they want to
>extract from arguments are strongly depends on their use cases.
>Actually, that requires tracers to pay maintenance costs, but
>it's not so big if the "regular" marking point is enough stable.

Certainly, because it only has to be able to acquire name of the
point that wants to be traced, value that can be referred, the type,
and those three items if interchangeability with an existing tool is
not thought, it might not have to stick to a detailed thing.

By the way, 'pr_debug' and 'dev_debug' and 'DEBUGP', etc. might
unite handling by replacing it with kernel markers.

Thank you,

Takashi Nishiie

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