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    SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] linux-staging tree created
    On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 12:05 PM, Greg KH <> wrote:
    > Oh great, not yet-another-kernel-tree, just what the world needs...
    > Yes, this is an announcement of a new kernel tree, linux-staging. It is
    > a quilt series of patches that can be found at:
    > git://
    > In a long and meandering thread with some of the other kernel developers
    > a week or so ago, it came up that there is no single place for companies
    > and developers to put their code for testing while it gets cleaned up
    > for submission into the kernel tree.


    > All of the different subsystems
    > have trees, but they generally only want code that is about to go into
    > this release, or the next one. For stuff that is farther off, there is
    > no place to go.


    > So, here's the tree for it. From the README:
    > The linux-staging tree was created to hold drivers and filesystems and
    > other semi-major additions to the Linux kernel that are not ready to be
    > merged at this point in time. It is here for companies and authors to
    > get a wider range of testing, and to allow for other members of the
    > community to help with the development of these features for the
    > eventual inclusion into the main kernel tree.
    > This tree will be included in the daily linux-next builds, and will get
    > testing by all users of that tree.

    This is great. To let this be useful for wireless we'll need
    wireless-testing.git merged as we rely on it for the latest and
    greatest. Is this a possibility?

    > The rules of what can be included here is as follows:
    > - the code must be released under a Linux kernel-compatible
    > license
    > - the goal of the developers must be to merge this code into the
    > main kernel tree in the near future, but not for the next
    > kernel release.
    > - the code must build properly on the x86 platform
    > - this is not a tree for bugfixes or rewrites of existing kernel
    > code, this should be for new features, drivers, and
    > filesystems.
    > - the patches included must detail exactly what is needed to be
    > completed in order for them to be included into the main
    > kernel tree.
    > - there must be some email address associated with the patch
    > that can be used for bug reporting and questions about
    > cleanups and testing the code.
    > What this tree is not:
    > - it is not a place to dump features that are being actively
    > developed by a community of people (reiserfs4 for example.)
    > - it is not a place to dump code and then run away, hoping that
    > someone else will do the cleanup work for you. While there
    > are developers available to do this kind of work, you need to
    > get someone to agree to "babysit" the code.
    > I'll follow up this message with a list of the current status of the
    > individual patches and what is currently contained in the tree. I hope
    > to release a status like this every week or so, depending on how the
    > development goes.
    > What I need from all of you:
    > Kernel Janitors:
    > Here is the perfect way to get involved. The code in this tree
    > is in desparate need of cleanups and fixes that can be trivially
    > found using 'sparse' and 'scripts/'. I'll gladly
    > take these kinds of patches and of course, correctly credit you.
    > Linux driver project developers:
    > Same as above, here's a great place to start out helping with
    > real code. If any of you wants to take any of these drivers
    > over and become the primary contact point for them, just let me
    > know.
    > Linux-next developers:
    > Stephen, I would really like this tree to be included in -next.
    > Yes, I know it contains things that will not be included in the
    > next release, but the inclusion and basic build testing that is
    > provided by your tree is invaluable. You can place it at the
    > end, and if there is even a whiff of a problem in any of the
    > patches, you have my full permission to drop them on the floor
    > and run away screaming (and let me know please, so I can fix it
    > up.)
    > Linux kernel developers:
    > If there are any external patches floating around for drivers
    > that need to be cleaned up and gotten into the kernel tree,
    > please point them out to me and I'll be glad to add them to this
    > tree and work to get them included. Right now we are pushing:
    > - 192 files changed, 131073 insertions(+), 651 deletions(-)
    > so what's a few more thousand lines of code :)

    We have a few drivers which are not yet ready for
    wireless-testing.git. Airgo is one.

    Anyway, good stuff. Let me know what you think about letting this work
    for wireless too.


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