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    SubjectLinux 2.6.26-rc6

    I'd like to say that the diffs are shrinking and things are calming down,
    but I'd be lying. Another week, another -rc, and I another 350 commits.
    Yes, the diff is smaller than the one from rc4 to rc5 (despite having more
    commits), so we're on the right trajectory, but I was hoping for less
    churn at this stage.

    As usual, most of the changes are to drivers (with arch updates a strong
    second). The DVB updates are the biggest chunk of that, but on the whole
    it's quite spread out. As mentioned, the diffs are smaller and there are
    more commits, and yes, most of the commits are really rather small and
    trivial fixes.

    Give it a try, we should have a few less regressions once more,


    Adrian Bunk (15):
    V4L/DVB (7906): tuners/mxl5005s.c: don't define variables for enums
    V4L/DVB (7908): always enter drivers/media/video/
    [MIPS] remove CONFIG_CPU_R4000 line from Makefile
    frv: don't offer BINFMT_FLAT
    asm-m32r/uaccess.h must #include <asm/setup.h>
    fat_valid_media() isn't for userspace
    [POWERPC] boot/Makefile CONFIG_ variable fixes
    include/linux/ssb/ssb_driver_gige.h typo fix
    ide: remove the ide_etrax100 chipset type
    MAINTAINERS: remove SIS 5513 IDE entry
    ide: export ide_doubler
    fix BLK_DEV_HD_ONLY on ARM dependencies
    add missing lance_* exports
    MAINTAINERS: update ACPI homepage
    proper prototype for acpi_processor_tstate_has_changed()

    Akinobu Mita (3):
    introduce memory_read_from_buffer()
    isdn: use simple_read_from_buffer()
    ACPI: use memory_read_from_buffer()

    Akio Idehara (1):
    [ALSA] hda - Fix "alc262_sony_unsol[]" hda_verb array

    Al Viro (18):
    V4L/DVB (7956): cinergyT2: endianness annotations, endianness and race fixes
    V4L/DVB (7957): fix the roothole in av7110_av.c
    V4L/DVB (7958): fix unaligned access in av7110.c
    V4L/DVB (7959): endianness fix in flexcop-usb.c
    V4L/DVB (7960): net: endianness annotations
    V4L/DVB (7961): fix endianness bug in dib0700_devices.c
    V4L/DVB (7962): ttusb endianness annotations and fixes
    V4L/DVB (7963): ivtv: trivial annotations
    V4L/DVB (7964): cx18 iomem annotations
    V4L/DVB (7965): annotate bcx_riscmem
    V4L/DVB (7966): cx18: direct dereferencing of iomem
    V4L/DVB (7967): bt8xx: unaligned access
    V4L/DVB (7968): zoran: endianness annotations
    V4L/DVB (7969): m920x: unaligned access
    V4L/DVB (7970): mix trivial endianness annotations
    V4L/DVB (7971): usb: unaligned
    V4L/DVB (7972): or51132.c: unaligned
    s2io iomem annotations

    Alan Cox (1):
    MAINTAINERS: reiserfs entry is out of date

    Alexey Dobriyan (2):
    edd: fix incorrect return of 1 from module_init
    isdn divas: fix proc creation

    Alexey Starikovskiy (1):
    ACPI: EC: Use msleep instead of udelay while waiting for event.

    Alistair John Strachan (1):
    ACPI 2.6.26-rc2: Add missing newline to DSDT/SSDT warning message

    Andres Salomon (1):
    PCI/x86: fix up PCI stuff so that PCI_GOANY supports OLPC

    Andrew G. Morgan (1):
    capabilities: remain source compatible with 32-bit raw legacy capability support.

    Andrew Morton (1):
    V4L/DVB (7901): zoran: use correct type for CPU flags

    Andy Walls (1):
    V4L/DVB (7922): tuner-simple: fix tuner_warn() induced kernel oops in simple_tuner_attach()

    Andy Whitcroft (1):
    update to version 0.19

    Aneesh Kumar K.V (1):
    ext4: Fix use of uninitialized data with debug enabled.

    Anton Vorontsov (1):
    serial: fix driver_name conflicts

    Arjan van de Ven (1):
    ACPI: Reject below-freezing temperatures as invalid critical temperatures

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
    inet{6}_request_sock: Init ->opt and ->pktopts in the constructor

    Assaf Krauss (2):
    mac80211: Fixing slow IBSS rejoin
    mac80211: Checking IBSS support while changing channel in ad-hoc mode

    Avi Kivity (4):
    KVM: x86 emulator: fix hypercall return value on AMD
    KVM: MMU: reschedule during shadow teardown
    KVM: MMU: Fix printk() format string
    KVM: MMU: Fix is_empty_shadow_page() check

    Ayaz Abdulla (1):
    forcedeth: msi interrupts

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (8):
    sis5513: add missing pci_enable_device() call
    ide-generic: add missing hwif->chipset setup
    ide: fix host drivers missing hwif->chipset initialization
    delkin_cb: set proper hwif->gendev.parent value
    delkin_cb: use struct ide_port_info
    delkin_cb: add warm-plug support
    delkin_cb: add missing __init/__exit tags
    palm_bk3710: add warm-plug support

    Ben Collins (1):
    mmc: Fix crash in mmc_block on 64-bit

    Ben Hutchings (1):
    sky2: Hold RTNL while calling dev_close()

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (1):
    [POWERPC] Fix incorrect enabling of VMX when building signal or user context

    Bertram Felgenhauer (1):
    x86/PCI: add workaround for bug in ASUS A7V600 BIOS (rev 1005)

    Bjorn Helgaas (4):
    PNP: skip UNSET MEM resources as well as DISABLED ones
    pnpacpi: fix IRQ flag decoding
    pnpacpi: fix shareable IRQ encode/decode
    PNPACPI: use _CRS IRQ descriptor length for _SRS

    Bob Moore (5):
    ACPICA: Fix to allow zero-length ASL field declarations
    ACPICA: Ignore ACPI table signature for Load() operator
    ACPICA: Fix for Load operator, load table at the namespace root
    ACPICA: Fix to make _SST method optional
    ACPICA: Fix for access to deleted object <regression>

    Bryan Wu (1):
    smc91x: fix build error from the SMC_GET_MAC_ADDR API change

    CHIKAMA masaki (1):
    cpufreq: fix null object access on Transmeta CPU

    Carl Henrik Lunde (1):
    block: disable IRQs until data is written to relay channel

    Carsten Otte (4):
    KVM: s390: fix interrupt delivery
    KVM: s390: Send program check on access error
    KVM: s390: Fix race condition in kvm_s390_handle_wait
    [S390] vt220 console, initialize list head before use

    Chen Gong (1):
    [MTD] m25p80.c mutex unlock fix

    Chien Tung (1):
    MAINTAINERS: Update NetEffect (iw_nes) entry

    Chris Wright (4):
    LSM: remove stale web site from MAINTAINERS
    asn1: additional sanity checking during BER decoding
    [CPUFREQ] Fix format string bug.
    MAINTAINERS: update PPPoE maintainer address

    Christian Borntraeger (3):
    KVM: s390: use yield instead of schedule to implement diag 0x44
    KVM: s390: fix locking order problem in enable_sie
    KVM: s390: handle machine checks when guest is running

    Cornelia Huck (3):
    [S390] cio: Fix sparse warnings in blacklist.c.
    [S390] cio: Fix inverted isc priorities.
    qeth: Use ccw_device_get_id().

    Dan Williams (7):
    md: fix prexor vs sync_request race
    md: fix uninitialized use of mddev->recovery_wait
    md: do not compute parity unless it is on a failed drive
    fujitsu-laptop: autoload module on Lifebook P1510D
    ipw2200: queue direct scans
    mac80211: send association event on IBSS create
    mac80211: decrease IBSS creation latency

    Daniel Gimpelevich (1):
    V4L/DVB (7990): Fix entry for PowerColor RA 330 and make it run with firmware version 2.7

    Daniel Walker (1):
    keys: remove unused key_alloc_sem

    David Brigada (1):
    kobject: Documentation Spelling Patch

    David Brownell (1):
    spi: fix refcount-related spidev oops-on-rmmod

    David Howells (2):
    FRV: ip_fast_csum() requires a memory clobber on its inline asm
    x86: fix an incompatible pointer type warning on 64-bit compilations

    David Sterba (1):
    ipwireless: Fix blocked sending

    David Woodhouse (3):
    V4L/DVB (7166): [v4l] Add new user class controls and deprecate others
    Fix various old email addresses for dwmw2
    rtc: class driver for ppc_md RTC functions

    Dmitri Belimov (1):
    V4L/DVB (7975): saa7134_empress

    Dmitry Baryshkov (1):
    power_supply: Fix race in power_supply_uevent

    Eli Collins (1):
    KVM: VMX: Clear CR4.VMXE in hardware_disable

    Eric Miao (1):
    [MTD] [NAND] pxa: fix incorrect calling of pxa3xx_nand_config() on resume path

    Eric Sandeen (1):
    ext4: enable barriers by default

    Fenghua Yu (1):
    ACPI: handle invalid ACPI SLIT table

    Frank Blaschka (3):
    qeth: layer 3 Oops in ip event handler
    qeth: reduce number of kernel messages
    qeth: start dev queue after tx drop error

    Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
    m68k: enable CONFIG_COMPAT_BRK by default

    Geoff Levand (1):
    fbdev: export symbol fb_mode_option

    Graf Yang (1):
    Blackfin serial driver: fix up tty core set_ldisc API change breakage bug

    Greg Ungerer (1):
    [ARM] 5060/1: remove unnecessary include of asm/io.h

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (1):
    V4L/DVB (7911): Remove v4l2_video_std_fps prototype declaration

    Haavard Skinnemoen (1):
    atmel_serial: filter out FP during baud rate detection

    Hans Verkuil (9):
    V4L/DVB (7885): ivtv/cx18: add compat_ioctl entries
    V4L/DVB (7925): cx18: ensure that the xceive pin is always asserted on init.
    V4L/DVB (7928): cx18: fix audio registers 808 and 80c
    V4L/DVB (7930): ivtv: bump version to 1.3.0.
    V4L/DVB (7931): cx18: allow for simultaneous digital and analog capture
    V4L/DVB (7932): cx18: mark Compro H900 as fully supported.
    V4L/DVB (7934): cx18: move gpio_dir/val statics to the cx18 struct.
    V4L/DVB (7977): cx18: fix init order and remove duplicate open_on_first_use.
    V4L/DVB (7978): cx18: explicitly test for XC2028 tuner

    Harvey Harrison (1):
    lib: export bitrev16

    Heiko Carstens (2):
    [S390] sparsemem: use SPARSEMEM_STATIC if !64BIT.
    [S390] vmemmap: fix off-by-one bug.

    Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (3):
    thinkpad-acpi: SW_RADIO to SW_RFKILL_ALL rename
    thinkpad-acpi: fix initialization error paths
    thinkpad-acpi: fix LED handling on older ThinkPads

    Henry Nestler (1):
    x86: fix endless page faults in mount_block_root for Linux 2.6

    Herbert Xu (2):
    net pppoe: Check packet length on all receive paths
    pppoe: Unshare skb before anything else

    Holger Macht (1):
    bay: exit if notify handler cannot be installed

    Holger Schurig (1):
    libertas: fix sleep confirmation

    Hollis Blanchard (5):
    KVM: ppc: Remove duplicate function
    KVM: ppc: add lwzx/stwz emulation
    KVM: ppc: Remove unmatched kunmap() call
    KVM: ppc: Use a read lock around MMU operations, and release it on error
    KVM: ppc: Report bad GFNs

    Huang Weiyi (1):
    uml: remove a duplicate include

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    libata: fix G5 SATA broken on -rc5

    Ilpo Järvinen (1):
    [MIPS] Add missing braces to pte_mkyoung

    Ingo Molnar (7):
    V4L/DVB (7910): usb: input layer dependency fixes
    V4L/DVB (7974): fix MEDIA_TUNER && FW_LOADER build error
    uml: PATH_MAX needs limits.h
    irda: net/irda build fix: mcs7780
    USB: fix build bug in USB_ISIGHTFW
    geode: fix modular build
    Revert "x86: fix ioapic bug again"

    Jamal Hadi Salim (1):
    ipsec: pfkey should ignore events when no listeners

    James Chapman (1):
    l2tp: Fix potential memory corruption in pppol2tp_recvmsg()

    Jan Engelhardt (1):
    vt: fix background color on line feed, DEC invert

    Jan-Bernd Themann (1):
    ehea: set mac address fix

    Jaroslav Franek (1):
    sound: emu10k1 - fix system hang with Audigy2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA card

    Jay Cliburn (1):
    atl1: fix suspend regression

    Jean Delvare (1):
    rtc-ds1374: rename device to just "ds1374"

    Jeff Dike (3):
    uml: deal with host time going backwards
    uml: memcpy export needs to follow host declaration
    uml: stub needs to tolerate SIGWINCH

    Jeff Kirsher (1):
    ixgbe: fix typo

    Jeff Layton (5):
    on non-posix shares, clear write bits in mode when ATTR_READONLY is set
    when creating new inodes, use file_mode/dir_mode exclusively on mount without unix extensions
    silently ignore ownership changes unless unix extensions are enabled or we're faking uid changes
    disable most mode changes on non-unix/non-cifsacl mounts
    vm: add kzalloc_node() inline

    Jeff Mahoney (1):
    fsl-diu-db: compile fix

    Jeremy Fitzhardinge (3):
    common implementation of iterative div/mod
    add an inlined version of iter_div_u64_rem
    always_inline timespec_add_ns

    Jes Sorensen (1):
    KVM: ia64: fix zero extending for mmio ld1/2/4 emulation in KVM

    Jiri Kosina (1):
    brk: make sys_brk() honor COMPAT_BRK when computing lower bound

    Joachim Fenkes (1):
    IB/ehca: Reject send WRs only for RESET, INIT and RTR state

    Joe Korty (1):
    x86: fix asm warning in head_32.S

    Jonathan Cameron (1):
    [ARM] 5068/1: PXA2xx Additional gpio definitions

    Jose R. Santos (1):
    ext4: Fix uninit block group initialization with FLEX_BG

    Josef Bacik (2):
    ext4: fix online resize bug
    ext3: fix online resize bug

    Julia Lawall (1):
    [S390] tape_3590.c: introduce missing kfree

    Kevin Winchester (1):
    x86: fix pointer type warning in arch/x86/mm/init_64.c:early_memtest

    Krzysztof Helt (2):
    modedb: fix incorrect sync and vmode flags for CVT modes
    fbcon: fix wrong vmode bits copied on console switch

    Krzysztof Piotr Oledzki (1):
    net: Fix routing tables with id > 255 for legacy software

    Kyungmin Park (1):
    [MTD] [MAPS] Fix cmdlineparse handling in mapping files

    Lai Jiangshan (3):
    cpusets: fix bug when adding nonexistent cpu or mem
    sched: fair group: fix overflow(was: fix divide by zero)
    sched: 64-bit: fix arithmetics overflow

    Len Brown (1):
    ACPICA: fix stray va_end() caused by mis-merge

    Linus Torvalds (3):
    Fix invalid access errors in blk_lookup_devt
    USB: don't use reset-resume if drivers don't support it
    Linux 2.6.26-rc6

    Manish Katiyar (1):
    x86: fix unused variable 'loops' warning in arch/x86/boot/a20.c

    Manuel Lauss (2):
    [MIPS] Alchemy: export get_au1x00_speed for modules
    [MIPS] Alchemy: dbdma: add API to delete custom DDMA device ids.

    Marcelo Tosatti (2):
    KVM: migrate PIT timer
    KVM: IOAPIC: only set remote_irr if interrupt was injected

    Marcin Slusarz (5):
    V4L/DVB (7902): fix handling of tea5761_autodetection return value
    V4L/DVB (7903): gp8psk_power_ctrl should return negative errors
    V4L/DVB (7904): v4l/tuner-core: consistent handling of return values
    V4L/DVB (7905): check_v4l2 should return -EINVAL on error
    iwlwifi: fix oops in iwl3945_led_brightness_set

    Mark McLoughlin (3):
    virtio_net: Fix skb->csum_start computation
    virtio: Fix typo in virtio_net_hdr comments
    virtio: virtio_net free transmit skbs in a timer

    Martin Schwidefsky (1):
    [S390] Fix __ctl_load/__ctl_store inline assembly constraints

    Matt Carlson (4):
    tg3: Fix 5714S / 5715S / 5780S link failures
    tg3: Fix a flags typo
    tg3: Fix 5761 WOL
    tg3: Update version to 3.92.1

    Matthew Garrett (1):
    isight_firmware: Avoid crash on loading invalid firmware

    Miao Xie (1):
    cpusets: fix and update Documentation

    Michael Buesch (1):
    zd1211rw: Fix data padding for QoS

    Michael Halcrow (1):
    eCryptfs: remove unnecessary page decrypt call

    Michael Krufky (7):
    V4L/DVB (7916): dib7000p: fix dib7000p_attach when !CONFIG_DVB_DIB7000P
    V4L/DVB (7918): au0828: remove irrelevent analog tuner standby code
    V4L/DVB (7919): VIDEO_AU0828 does not depend on VIDEO_DEV
    V4L/DVB (7943): tuner: add macro, hybrid_tuner_report_instance_count
    V4L/DVB (7944): tuner-xc2028: use hybrid_tuner_request_state
    V4L/DVB (7983): tda18271_calc_rf_cal must return the return value of tda18271_lookup_map
    V4L/DVB (8001): dib0070: fix dib0070_attach when !CONFIG_DVB_TUNER_DIB0070

    Mike Frysinger (2):
    Blackfin arch: fixup warnings with the new cplb saved values
    Blackfin arch: protect only the SPI bus controller with CONFIG_SPI_BFIN

    Mike Rapoport (2):
    [ARM] 5065/2: CM-X270: Fix DM9000 IRQ flags initialisation
    [ARM] 5066/2: EM-X270: Fix DM9000 IRQ flags initialisation

    Nadia Derbey (2):
    ipc: restore MSGPOOL original value
    ipc: only output msgmni value at boot time

    Nate Case (1):
    USB: isp1760: Assign resource fields before adding hcd

    Nathan Lynch (2):
    [POWERPC] Make walk_memory_resource available with MEMORY_HOTPLUG=n
    [POWERPC] ehea: Remove dependency on MEMORY_HOTPLUG

    Neil Horman (1):
    shm: Remove silly double assignment

    Nick Piggin (3):
    Add 'rd' alias to new brd ramdisk driver
    hugetlb: fix lockdep error
    vt: fix vc_resize locking

    Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (1):
    sh: Fix compile error SH7763 setup code

    Oleg Nesterov (2):
    uml: activate_mm: remove the dead PF_BORROWED_MM check
    sched: fix TASK_WAKEKILL vs SIGKILL race

    Paul Jackson (2):
    doc: update to URL and status of kernel-docs.txt entry
    doc: document the kernel-doc conventions for kernel hackers

    Paul Mundt (3):
    nommu: fix kobjsize() for SLOB and SLUB
    sh: Add -mno-fdpic to default flags.
    nommu: Correct kobjsize() page validity checks.

    Pavel Emelyanov (5):
    devcgroup: make a helper to convert cgroup_subsys_state to devs_cgroup
    devscgroup: relax task to dev_cgroup conversion
    devscgroup: check for device permissions at mount time
    devscgroup: make white list more compact in some cases
    ipv6 netns: init net is used to set bindv6only for new sock

    Pekka Enberg (1):
    nommu: fix ksize() abuse

    Peter Tiedemann (1):
    qeth: Prepare-function to call s390dbf was wrong

    Peter Zijlstra (1):
    x86: fix lockdep warning during suspend-to-ram

    Philipp Zabel (1):
    [ARM] 5070/1: pxa: add GPIO104_PSKTSEL to pxa27x MFP configuration

    Pradeep Singh Rautela (1):
    drivers/atm/eni.h: remove unused macro KERNEL_OFFSET

    Ralf Baechle (2):
    [MIPS] Add accessors for random register.
    [MIPS] Fix build error - Delete debugging crap that crept in with CMP

    Ralph Campbell (2):
    IB/ipath: Fix device capability flags
    IB/ipath: Fix SM trap forwarding

    Rami Rosen (1):
    ipv4: Remove unused declaration from include/net/tcp.h.

    Randy Dunlap (1):
    dev_set_name: fix missing kernel-doc

    Roland Dreier (3):
    IB/ipath: Avoid test_bit() on u64 SDMA status value
    IB/umem: Avoid sign problems when demoting npages to integer
    IB/core: Remove IB_DEVICE_SEND_W_INV capability flag

    Roland.Kletzing (1):
    drivers/char/ip2: fix Kconfig after ip2/ip2main merge

    Russ Anderson (1):
    mm: Minor clean-up of page flags in mm/page_alloc.c

    Russell King (2):
    [ARM] fix AT91 include loops
    [ARM] pxa: fix tosa.c build error

    Rusty Russell (1):
    virtio: use callback on empty in virtio_net

    Sam Ravnborg (1):
    kbuild: ignore powerpc specific symbols in modpost

    Segher Boessenkool (1):
    [S390] Fix build failure in __cpu_up()

    Sigmund Augdal (1):
    V4L/DVB (8000): tda827x: fix NULL pointer in tda827xa_lna_gain

    Sonic Zhang (1):
    Blackfin Serial Driver: Clean up BF54x macro in blackfin UART driver.

    Stefan Richter (1):
    x86: fix CONFIG_NONPROMISC_DEVMEM prompt and help text

    Stephen Rothwell (1):
    [POWERPC] Use dev_set_name in pci_64.c

    Steve French (6):
    [CIFS] remove unused variables
    [CIFS] remove trailing whitespace
    [CIFS] warn if both dynperm and cifsacl mount options specified
    [CIFS] Correct incorrect obscure open flag
    [CIFS] Fix hang in mount when negprot causes server to kill tcp session
    [CIFS] cifs: fix oops on mount when CONFIG_CIFS_DFS_UPCALL is enabled

    Steve Hodgson (1):
    sfc: Recover from RX queue flush failure

    Theodore Ts'o (4):
    jbd2: Fix memory leak when verifying checksums in the journal
    jbd2: If a journal checksum error is detected, propagate the error to ext4
    ext4: Display the journal_async_commit mount option in /proc/mounts
    jbd2: Fix barrier fallback code to re-lock the buffer head

    Thomas Bogendoerfer (5):
    [MIPS] R4700: Fix build_tlb_probe_entry
    [MIPS] Fix check for valid stack pointer during backtrace
    [MIPS] IP27: Fix bootmem memory setup
    [MIPS] IP27: Fix clockevent setup
    [MIPS] IP27: misc fixes

    Thomas Tuttle (4):
    pagemap: fix bug in add_to_pagemap, require aligned-length reads of /proc/pid/pagemap
    pagemap: return map count, not reference count, in /proc/kpagecount
    pagemap: return EINVAL, not EIO, for unaligned reads of kpagecount or kpageflags
    pagemap: add documentation for pagemap

    Tim Gardner (1):
    hdaps: fix module loading on Thinkpad T61P

    Tim Pepper (1):
    dock.c remove trailing printk whitespace

    Tom Spink (1):
    uml: deal with inaccessible address space start

    Vegard Nossum (5):
    [MIPS] Fix typo in header guard
    h8300: fix typo in header guard
    v850: fix typo in header guard
    proc: calculate the correct /proc/<pid> link count
    x86, lockdep: fix "WARNING: at kernel/lockdep.c:2658 check_flags+0x4c/0x128()"

    Venkatesh Pallipadi (1):
    cpuidle acpi driver: fix oops on AC<->DC

    Willy Tarreau (1):
    doc: add suggestions about good practises for maintainers

    Yoichi Yuasa (1):
    Fix divide by zero error in build_clear_page() and build_copy_page()

    Yoshihiro Shimoda (2):
    usb: r8a66597-hcd: Add support for SH7723 USB host
    sh: add resource of USB host for SH7723

    Yusuke.Goda (1):
    sh: Add SH7723 SCIF support

    Zhao Yakui (1):
    ACPI: Disable Fixed_RTC event when installing RTC handler

    eric miao (1):
    [ARM] 5062/1: pxa: remove unused definition of CONFIG_ARCH_COTULLA_IDP

    surinder (1):
    [ARM] 5067/1: _raw_write_can_lock macro bugfix

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