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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [RESEND] fix HID quirks for aluminium apple wireless keyboards
    "Phil Endecott" <> writes:

    > Did you see my messages about this a few weeks ago?

    Alas, no! That would have been very helpful.

    > I didn't post a patch because I believe that this stuff has all moved
    > as a result of Jiri Slaby's patch "HID: move apple quirks" posted to
    > linux-input on 2008-05-16. One of us should prepare a patch against
    > the tree after that patch.

    I'm happy to do this, although the only tree I track closely is Linus's.

    > Do you know what happens if you have a USB bluetooth dongle with HID
    > proxy mode? My assumption was that the vendor and product IDs from
    > the keyboard would then appear to the kernel as USB IDs. If this is
    > true, then you should keep the existing entries for these devices in
    > the USB quirks tables. Does anyone know if HID proxy dongles actually
    > do this? In any case, leaving the existing entries in the USB quirks
    > table can't do any harm.

    Hmm, no idea. Absent confirmation I guess I'll drop the USB HID changes
    to be on the safe side.

    > I wrote this up at
    > and I'll just post that URL again to help the search engines...

    Nice writeup! Small correction: when the quirk is active, you can
    generate forward delete by pressing Fn-backspace.

    Paul Collins
    Wellington, New Zealand

    Dag vijandelijk luchtschip de huismeester is dood

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