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    Subjectupdate checkpatch to version 0.20
    Following this email is the next batch of updates to checkpatch.
    This marks a change in how I intend to send updates. The previous
    "single delta" update caused us to lose a patch from Greg KH (which is
    re-included in this update), bad. By sending the actual patches we avoid
    regressing anything I have missed, it also has the advantage of maintaining
    individual changes to carry signoff more accurately and generally being
    more transparent.

    This version brings a few new checks and the usual slew of fixes for
    false positives mostly in type detection. Of note:

    - allow printk text strings to bust the width restrictions for
    - major fixes for possible type/modifier handling,
    - trailing statement checks for case and default,
    - trailing statement checks for for and while,
    - spacing checks for square brackets '[' ']',
    - conditions/loops indent checks, and
    - checks for new use of __initcall.

    Complete changelog below.


    Andy Whitcroft (20):
    checkpatch: Version: 0.20
    checkpatch: return is not a function -- parentheses for casts are ok too
    checkpatch: types: some types may also be identifiers
    checkpatch: possible types: __asm__ is never a type
    checkpatch: comment detection: ignore macro continuation when
    detecting associated comments
    checkpatch: types: unary -- goto introduces unary context
    checkpatch: macros: fix statement counting block end detection
    checkpatch: trailing statement indent: fix end of statement location
    checkpatch: allow printk strings to exceed 80 characters to
    maintain their searchability
    checkpatch: switch -- report trailing statements on case and default
    checkpatch: check spacing for square brackets
    checkpatch: toughen trailing if statement checks and extend them
    to while and for
    checkpatch: condition/loop indent checks
    checkpatch: allow for type modifiers on multiple declarations
    checkpatch: improve type matcher debug
    checkpatch: possible modifiers are not being correctly matched
    checkpatch: macro complexity checks are meaningless in linker scripts
    checkpatch: handle return types of pointers to functions
    checkpatch: possible types -- known modifiers cannot be types
    checkpatch: possible modifiers -- handle multiple modifiers and trailing

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
    checkpatch: usb_free_urb() can take NULL

    Michael Ellerman (1):
    checkpatch: add a checkpatch warning for new uses of __initcall().

    Wolfram Sang (1):
    checkpatch: correct spelling in kfree checks

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