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    SubjectRe: NIU - Sun Neptune 10g - Transmit timed out reset (2.6.24)
    Jesper Krogh wrote:
    > David Miller wrote:
    >> From: Jesper Krogh <>
    >> Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 20:32:53 +0200
    >>> When it works I doesnt seem to be able to get it pass 500MB/s.
    >> With this card you really need multiple cpus and multiple threads
    >> sending data through the card in order to fill the 10Gb pipe.
    >> Single connections will not fill the pipe.
    > The server is a Sun X4600 with 8 x dual-core CPU's, setup with 64
    > NFS-threads. The other end of the fiber goes into a switch with gigabit
    > ports connected to 48 dual-core cpus. The test was done doing a dd on a
    > 4.5GB file from the server to /dev/null on the clients.

    Are you doing a TX or RX (with respect to the 10G if)?
    -- matheos

    > The number of contextswitches seems enourmous.. over 120.000 sometimes.
    > When transmitting around the same amount of data (4xgigabit bonded with
    > 802.3ad) 4x110MB/s the amount of contextswitches only reaches 3-4.000. I
    > have no idea if this has any relevance.
    > Should this setup not be able to fill the pipe?

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