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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Silence 'ignoring return value' warnings in drivers/video/aty/radeon_base.c
Greg KH writes:

> > I hear you :) I found it useful, but it seems we should get rid of it
> > for _create_file() now.
> Why? You point out it found some real bugs, should we just assume that
> no new bugs of this same problem will happen again in the future?

Because it causes warnings for the callers which don't really care
whether the file gets created or not, and getting rid of those
warnings adds unnecessary bloat.

I think the best solution is to make a new sysfs_maybe_create_file()
which isn't marked must_check, and then move suitable callers (such as
radeonfb) over to that. That will make it obvious in the callers that
the file creation isn't guaranteed.


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