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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 01 of 11] mmu-notifier-core
    On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 01:30:39PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > On Wed, 7 May 2008, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > >
    > > The patch looks OK to me.
    > As far as I can tell, authorship has been destroyed by at least two of the
    > patches (ie Christoph seems to be the author, but Andrea seems to have
    > dropped that fact).

    I can't follow this, please be more specific.

    About the patches I merged from Christoph, I didn't touch them at all
    (except for fixing a kernel crashing bug in them plus some reject
    fix). Initially I didn't even add a signed-off-by: andrea, and I only
    had the signed-off-by: christoph. But then he said I had to add my
    signed-off-by too, while I thought at most an acked-by was
    required. So if I got any attribution on Christoph work it's only
    because he explicitly requested it as it was passing through my
    maintenance line. In any case, all patches except mmu-notifier-core
    are irrelevant in this context and I'm entirely fine to give Christoph
    the whole attribution of the whole patchset including the whole
    mmu-notifier-core where most of the code is mine.

    We had many discussions with Christoph, Robin and Jack, but I can
    assure you nobody had a single problem with regard to attribution.

    About all patches except mmu-notifier-core: Christoph, Robin and
    everyone (especially myself) agrees those patches can't yet be merged
    in 2.6.26.

    With regard to the post-2.6.26 material, I think adding a config
    option to make the change at compile time, is ok. And there's no other
    way to deal with it in a clean way, as vmtrunate has to teardown
    pagetables, and if the i_mmap_lock is a spinlock there's no way to
    notify secondary mmus about it, if the ->invalidate_range_start method
    has to allocate an skb, send it through the network and wait for I/O
    completion with schedule().

    > Yeah, too late and no upside.

    No upside to all people setting CONFIG_KVM=n true, but no downside
    for them either, that's the important fact!

    And for all the people setting CONFIG_KVM!=n, I should provide some
    background here. KVM MM development is halted without this, that
    includes: paging, ballooning, tlb flushing at large, pci-passthrough
    removing page pin as a whole, etc...

    Everyone on kvm-devel talks about mmu-notifiers, check the last VT-d
    patch form Intel where Antony (IBM/qemu/kvm) wonders how to handle
    things without mmu notifiers (mlock whatever).

    Rusty agreed we had to get mmu notifiers in 2.6.26 so much that he has
    gone as far as writing his own ultrasimple mmu notifier
    implementation, unfortunately too simple as invalidate_range_start was
    missing and we can't remove the page pinning and avoid doing
    spte=invalid;tlbflush;unpin for every group of sptes released without
    it. And without mm_lock invalidate_range_start can't be implemented in
    a generic way (to work for GRU/XPMEM too).

    > That "locking" code is also too ugly to live, at least without some
    > serious arguments for why it has to be done that way. Sorting the locks?
    > In a vmalloc'ed area? And calling this something innocuous like
    > "mm_lock()"? Hell no.

    That's only invoked in mmu_notifier_register, mm_lock is explicitly
    documented as heavyweight function. In the KVM case it's only called
    when a VM is created, that's irrelevant cpu cost compared to the time
    it takes to the OS to boot in the VM... (especially without real mode
    emulation with direct NPT-like secondary-mmu paging).

    mm_lock solved the fundamental race in the range_start/end
    invalidation model (that will allow GRU to do a single tlb flush for
    the whole range that is going to be freed by
    zap_page_range/unmap_vmas/whatever). Christoph merged mm_lock in his
    EMM versions of mmu notifiers, moments after I released it, I think he
    wouldn't have done it if there was a better way.

    > That code needs some serious re-thinking.

    Even if you're totally right, with Nick's mmu notifiers, Rusty's mmu
    notifiers, my original mmu notifiers, Christoph's first version of my
    mmu notifiers, with my new mmu notifiers, with christoph EMM version
    of my new mmu notifiers, with my latest mmu notifiers, and all people
    making suggestions and testing the code and needing the code badly,
    and further patches waiting inclusion during 2.6.27 in this area, it
    must be obvious for everyone, that there's zero chance this code won't
    evolve over time to perfection, but we can't wait it to be perfect
    before start using it or we're screwed. Even if it's entirely broken
    this will allow kvm development to continue and then we'll fix it (but
    don't worry it works great at runtime and there are no race
    conditions, Jack and Robin are also using it with zero problems with
    GRU and XPMEM just in case the KVM testing going great isn't enough).

    Furthermore the API is freezed for almost months, everyone agrees with
    all fundamental blocks in mmu-notifier-core patch (to be complete
    Christoph would like to replace invalidate_page with an
    invalidate_range_start/end but that's a minor detail).

    And most important we need something in now, regardless of which
    API. We can handle a change of API totally fine later.

    mm_lock() is not even part of the mmu notifier API, it's just an
    internal implementation detail, so whatever problem it has, or
    whatever better name we can find, isn't an high priority right now.

    If you suggest a better name now I'll fix it up immediately. I hope
    the mm_lock name and whatever signed-off-by error in patches after
    mmu-notifier-core won't be really why this doesn't go in.

    Thanks a lot for your time to review even if it wasn't as positive as
    I hoped,

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