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    SubjectRe: rtc-cmos.c: Build fix
    On Tue, 6 May 2008 15:51:25 -0300
    "Carlos R. Mafra" <> wrote:

    > Subject: [PATCH] rtc-cmos.c: Build fix
    > The function hpet_rtc_interrupt(..) is to be used only if CONFIG_HPET_EMULATE_RTC
    > is defined (see arch/x86/kernel/hpet.c), so we define it to return 0 when
    > !CONFIG_HPET_EMULATE_RTC to avoid build failures.
    > This function will never be used anyways when !CONFIG_HPET_EMULATE_RTC because
    > it is inside a if(is_hpet_enabled()) which is never true when

    I've lost the plot on this one. Could we please have a description of
    the problem which is being fixed? ie, the compiler (or linker?) output,
    and a description of why it is occurring?


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