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    SubjectRe: Compact Flash Question
    On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 5:01 PM, Stéphane ANCELOT <> wrote:
    > we use silicon systems CF with wear leveling inside , we write a few
    > kb data back each 1/4 h on it.(log /tmp files are redirected to ram)

    Silicon Systems CompactFlashes are the among the most reliable
    CompactFlashes I have used in embedded devices. See also
    for a whitepaper that explains their wear leveling and error
    correction algorithms. Furthermore, Silicon Systems has a technology
    called SiSMART that allows to monitor by how far the CompactFlash is
    worn out, such that it can be monitored whether or not it is time to
    replace the CompactFlash. (Note: I am not affiliated in any way to
    Silicon Systems.)

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