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    SubjectRe: How many contributors are we losing
    On Fri, 30 May 2008 13:23:44 -0700
    "Luck, Tony" <> wrote:

    I was bored and went through the list. When it comes to knowing many
    kernel developers, I don't consider myself to have very wide-spread
    contact with too many people. But I was able to point out a few that
    might not be day-to-day active, but are still around in some capacity.

    > Ulrich Weigand

    Still around, mostly working on toolchain stuff.

    > Theodore Y. Ts'o

    I have no idea who this guy is. What did he even do? ;)

    > Artem Bityuckiy

    I'm 99% sure this is Artem Bityutskiy, who's listed in MAINTAINERS and
    is actively working on UBIFS.

    > Tim Bird

    Tim is still active on various lists.

    > Jakub Jelínek

    This is probably Jakub Jelinek, who's a glibc maintainer.


    Kay left? Is this why sysfs keeps breaking?

    > David T. Hollis

    David is still active on some of the embedded lists.

    > Stephen Tweedie

    Stephen is at Red Hat working on Xen stuff.

    > Dan Malek

    Dan pops his head up from time to time.

    > Nico Pitre

    Nico is still active in the MTD community. As active as the MTD
    community is anyway.

    > Utz Bacher

    Utz is working on firmware stuff now I think.

    > Joel Schopp

    Joel has been transitioning to new roles lately.

    > John Linville

    Crap. Just when wireless was starting to work... ;)

    > NooneImportant

    Seriously? We had someone actually get a patch in with that name?
    That seems wrong...

    > Peter Jones

    Peter is still around.

    > Jenx Axboe


    > Ryan S. Arnold

    Ryan sits down the hall from me. He's working on glibc for PowerPC.

    > Dave Arlie


    > Jörn Engel

    This is one of the many convolutions of Joern Engel's name. He's
    working on Logfs and reviewing MTD patches.

    > Adam Jackson

    Adam is still around. He's the X maintainer for Fedora.

    > Wolfgang Denk

    Wolfgang is quite active.


    If bugzilla gave up, what kind of sign should we take that as?

    > Tom "spot" Callaway

    Tom pops up with an occasional sparc patch from time to time. He's at
    Red Hat.

    > Steven A. Falco

    Steven is still active on the powerpc lists.

    > James Bowes

    At Red Hat. Not exactly sure what his full job is.

    > Dave Miller

    I knew Dave was getting fed up with some things but I didn't think he
    quit... ;)

    > Alex Bounine

    Alex continues to post patches for some of the Tundra devices.

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