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SubjectRe: Ingo, no more kconfig patches
Adrian Bunk <> writes:

> FB_SGIVW requires X86_VISWS and it's selected automatically.
> (which is not good if you want a kernel that runs on a PC)

Not sure what do you mean, it currently seem to "depend" on X86_VISWS:

config FB_SGIVW
tristate "SGI Visual Workstation framebuffer support"
depends on FB && X86_VISWS

> Why do we have to bother users with the MII option at all?
> "E1000E=m and TULIP=m but MII=y" works, but it doesn't really make
> sense.

(Obviously it assumes both TULIP and E1000E required MII which is not
exactly the case)

But it makes a perfect sense, I can have modular drivers for (few)
hardware devices (just in case I want to rmmod etc) but most of the
kernel may be not modular. It would be nice if the Kconfig ask me if
I want to "select" the dependency Y or M, even if there is only one
way to make "select" dependencies happy (not counting "Y vs "M").
Krzysztof Halasa

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