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SubjectRe: [X86] Fix up silly i1586 boot message.
On Wed, 28 May 2008, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> > Hmm, 801586 should be fine as with Intel 80 used to stand for
> > microprocessors and 81586 would be confusing as I think 81 was used for
> > RAM devices (82 stood for peripherals, BTW). My vote is for 80F86 though,
> > with "F" standing for "fast" as in the 74 TTL series. ;)
> >
> uname reports i686 on these chips. The rest is ridiculous.

Intel started it first with picking up a ridiculous number for the family
ID for the P4 line. There is no technical justification for not keeping
these numbers consecutive. Or keeping it at 6 actually if the P4 is meant
to be seen by software as the Pentium Pro and the rest of the P6 gang.


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