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    We are pleased to announce the tree, which can be
    downloaded from the location:

    Information on the RT patch can be found at:

    Changes since

    - preempt __delay fix (Steven Rostedt)

    - load_balance breaks (Peter Zijlstra)

    - ftrace minor fixes (Steven Rostedt, Clark Williams,
    and Abhishek Sagar)

    - disable ftrace daemon (Steven Rostedt)

    - sched_rt migration updates (Gregory Haskins)

    - nmi show regs fix (Hiroshi Shimamoto)

    - Trace histogram divide by zero fix (Carsten Emde)

    to build a tree, the following patches should be applied:

    *** Note ***

    2.6.25.x-rt4 with updates will be coming out most likely tomorrow.

    *** Note ***

    And like always, my RT version of Matt Mackall's ketchup will get this
    for you nicely:

    The broken out patches are also available.

    -- Steve

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