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SubjectRe: [BUG: 2.6.26-rc3] ERROR: "____ilog2_NaN" undefined
Ok. Situation has changed. I discovered I'm still more dumb than I
thought I am;). There was that link /usr/local/bin/gcc to the gcc-4.4pre
executable that I didn't thought of. the ver_linux script didn't check
that too. So the error only occurs with gcc-4.4. But my version is some
weeks old so I'm currently compiling a fresh svn version to check if the
error still exists.

I also found the config option that causes the error: enabling
OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE and thus setting -Os instead of -O2 makes the error go
away, so this is pretty much a compiler problem.
I will check now if the error is still existent in the current developer
version of gcc and then maybe contact the gcc team.

Meanwhile I'm really sorry for the noise and annoyance.

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