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SubjectRe: [bug] stuck localhost TCP connections, v2.6.26-rc3+
On Mon, 26 May 2008 13:56:28 +0200
Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> in an overnight -tip testruns that is based on recent -git i got two
> stuck TCP connections:
> Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
> Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign
> Address State tcp 0 174592
> tcp 72134 0
> on a previously reliable machine. That connection has been stuck for
> 9 hours so it does not time out, etc. - and the distcc run that goes
> over that connection is stuck as well.

interestingly enough, I think I'm seeing something very similar to this
with the claws email client; as of 2.6.26-rc3 (sorry, didn't run
earlier ones because they broke my wireless) claws gets "stuck" once in
a while, really stuck, when talking to the imap server.....
It seems to happen a little less frequently when running under strace,
but it still happens, so that could just be a timing thing.

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