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Subject>3G => iommu => suspend problems -- was Re: SB600 AHCI: Hard Disk Corruption

> > iommu problem? Try it with mem=3G.
> YES! :-) How did you know?

Guess how... I hit it myself.

> So how are we going to get this fixed???

Write a patch, submit it? ;-).

Okay, I guess I should do the patch, but I can't test it easily. If
you can do testing/some development, I guess I can try to cook up

(But no, I'm not an IOMMU expert).

> Should the IOMMU be reinitialized after resume? Or should the bios do it
> but doesn't? ** On the m2a-vm, the "GART" seems to be used as iommu,
> so... :-) ???

It is a Linux bug. BIOS could be more helpful, but... this is a Linux

> I put some kernel message logs here:
> One log without mem=4G will also be there shortly, where you will see
> the messages concerning the iommu (which seems to be unused right
> now).

Yep, they are similar to what I see.

> ???** Seems, the SB600 is not to blame - alas sorry for the subject.

Subject is easy to change ;-).
(cesky, pictures)

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