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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] firmware: Add CONFIG_BUILTIN_FIRMWARE option
On Sunday 25 May 2008 19:17:57 Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On May 25, 2008, Marcel Holtmann <> wrote:
> > in the early days we had something like three drivers using the
> > request_firmware() and it was understood between the authors what the
> > filename was meant for.
> You're contradicting yourself. Is it a filename, or is it not?
> Earlier, you said it wasn't, it was just a name that userspace was
> supposed to map to a filename. Now, you're saying it is a filename.
> Clearly (to me) your wish to prohibit '/'s in the firmware name has to
> do with an attempt to force a distiction, to make the firmware a
> filename rather than a pathname. But, as you said yourself, the
> mapping from firmware name is supposed to be entirely handled in
> userland, therefore it doesn't even begin to make sense to distinguish
> between filenames and pathnames. You'd have to make assumptions that
> (i) the firmware name names files (with built-in firmware, it
> doesn't), and, if it is about filenames, (ii) what the pathname
> separator character is. Should '\\' be ruled out as well, because
> someone might want /lib/firmware to be in a FAT filesystem?
> nWouldn't it be better to leave the resolution of firmware names to
> content *entirely* up to userland? Say, if userland wants to
> implement something very similar to the key-to-data map in-kernel
> built-in firmware, this would work just fine, without any artificial
> constraints?

One additional thing is to make sure the usability of the whole stuff
is not reduded. Currently I can do:

modprobe b43 fwpostfix=-open
# work with opensource firmware in b43-open/
rmmod b43
modprobe b43
# work with standard firmware in b43/

So it is really simple to switch between different flavours of firmware.
It is _not_ acceptable to change an udev configuration file all the time,
if you want to use another firmware. One needs to frequently switch
between firmware versions when developing firmware code.

Greetings Michael.

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