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SubjectRe: [RFC] OpenFirmware bindings for the MMC-over-SPI driver
On Friday 23 May 2008, Anton Vorontsov wrote:
> This is second attempt to write the OpenFirmware bindings for the
> MMC-over-SPI (and SPI bindings in general).

Summary: an OF-specific wrapper around the mmc_spi platform code.

I think a wrapper to encapsulate all the OF-specific knowledge makes
much sense here.

The only thing that looks odd to me about this is that the wrapper
is a spi_device rather than an of_device. To me it makes more sense
to just have an of_device setting up the right spi_device. (Though
maybe I missed some discussion about why that can't work.)

Example: drivers/usb/host/sl811_cs.c does that for PCMCIA card
that just wraps an sl811 chip that's more often used standalone.
The PCMCIA descriptors being analagous to OF device table entries.

- Dave

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