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    SubjectRe: [patch 04/14] gfs2: dont call permission()
    > Bad idea.  You're duplicating bits out of permission for no good
    > reason. I spent quite a bit of effort to make sure we don't have
    > this duplicated logic around.

    In this case you are wrong. Look at the ugly conditional locking
    gfs2_permission() does, which is probably due to the fact that it's
    doing a recursion via calling permission() from inside already locked
    parts in the filesystem.

    That's _much_ worse than a duplicated IS_IMMUTABLE() call. Which btw,
    is a filesystem implementation detail: it needs to re-check the
    immutability of the file after it has been locked. I'm not even sure
    it's strictly needed. Steven?

    Generally this sort of recursion through the VFS is ugly and
    unnecessary, it's much better to provide helper for what the VFS is
    doing if there's a lot of duplication. But in this case there's
    really no point in that at all.


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