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    Subject[PATCH 00 of 12] xen: add save/restore/migrate for Xen domains
    Hi Ingo,

    This series adds save/restore/migrate for Xen domains. This is almost
    entirely contained within the Xen-specific code.

    The only exception is the WARN_ON I remove in hres_timers_resume,
    which is spurious in the case of a Xen suspend/resume, since we don't
    offline all the CPUs.

    This also adds another user of the freezer, since it turns out to
    solve a somewhat tricky problem. The problem is that Xen pagetables
    are expressed in terms of machine frame numbers - ie, the page numbers
    of the underlying host machine. When the domain is saved, all the
    mfns everywhere are canonicalized into guest-relative pfns in the save
    image. The tricky part is that when preemption is enabled, it's
    possible the suspend will preempt a pagetable manipulation, which will
    leave a machine frame number sitting in a register or on the stack
    which will not be canonicalized.

    The freezer solves this because it makes sure that every thread is
    quiesced at a well known point, which is not during a pagetable
    update. So by freezing everything and then stopping all the
    processors in stop_machine, we can make sure the system is in a
    saveable state.

    The freezer is only required when preemption is enabled, since
    stop_machine will quiesce all processors (and therefore threads) at
    suitable points anyway.


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