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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Kernel naming convention in the merge phase
    Pavel Machek wrote:
    >> Foo-gitX has always been a development snapshot which
    >> *follows* Foo.
    > Well, unfortunately its not there in the makefile, so you can't tell
    > 2.6.25 from 2.6.26-rc0...
    > Would 'rc0' make robots happy?
    > Pavel

    It'll probably make some of them work and break others. It's pretty
    hard-coded in most of them that the flow is from 2.6.25 ->
    2.6.26-{pre,rc}*; whether or not they permit a zero probably depends on
    if they know what is available or not (ketchup wouldn't be able to, for
    example, but the incdiff robot *might* "just work".)


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