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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] (RESEND) ext3[34] barrier changes
> >
> > Here's a test workload that corrupts ext3 50% of the time on power fail
> > testing for me. The machine in this test is my poor dell desktop (3ghz,
> > dual core, 2GB of ram), and the power controller is me walking over and
> > ripping the plug out the back.
> Here's a new version that still gets about corruptions 50% of the time, but
> does it with fewer files by using longer file names (240 chars instead of 160
> chars).
> I tested this one with a larger FS (40GB instead of 2GB) and larger log (128MB
> instead of 32MB). barrier-test -s 32 -p 1500 was still able to get a 50%
> corruption rate on the larger FS.

Ok, Andrew, is this enough to get barrier patch applied and stop
corrupting data in default config, or do you want some more testing?

I guess 20% benchmark regression is bad, but seldom and impossible to
debug data corruption is worse...
(cesky, pictures)

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