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SubjectRe: Many open/close on same files yeilds "No such file or directory".
Andrew Morton wrote:
>> I cannot reproduce it on other disks attached to the same server or on
>> other servers attached to similar disksystems.
> hmm.
> I guess it would be interesting to remount that filesystem with `noatime'
> to eliminate the last bit of I/O and block-=realted code.

It is allready mounted noatime:
/dev/mapper/fx1200_vg-fx1200_lv on /z/fx1200 type ext3 (rw,noatime)

>> I'm about to mkfs.ext3 the volume and spool it back in from the backup,
>> but somehow I'm not convinced that it will solve the problem at all.
>> It may just be a hardware problem, but dmesg doesnt tell anything.
>> We actually got the problem from a perl-script, but this seems to be the
>> minimal program that reproduces the problem.
> I'd suspect that after 1e8 loops your CPU got too hot and started to
> misbehave.

Hardware is an Sun Fire X4600 (8xdual-core AMD64 processors). The
problem seem to be tied to this filesystem. (I cannot havent been able
to reproduce it on the /-mounted disk of the same system. So if a cpu
problem.. then it shouldn't be tied to a specific filesystem?

This is the only activity on the system .. so a load of 1 / 16cpus.

The system are generally rock-solid.


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