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SubjectRe: [patch/rfc 2.6.25-git v2] gpio: sysfs interface
On Thursday 01 May 2008, Trent Piepho wrote:
> I've proposed many times that gpios that have been
> requested by anything be exported READ-ONLY automatically.

Hmm, maybe that was buried in the volume of other stuff you
posted ... this is the first time I recall your mentioning
read-only exports. Or limiting exports like that. Certainly
no code I've seen from you worked like that.

What I recall was your original approach of exporting absolutely
everything -- hundreds of (potential) GPIOs, even pins that
were configured for other purposes.

I don't have any particular objection to exporting things
readonly. Maybe you noticed the comment in my patches that
suggesting such an export mode might be useful. But I'd
rather not export things that don't need exporting, and
bias things towards low per-gpio costs.

It's easy to add features later, if they turn out to be needed.
But removing interfaces is very hard ... which is another reason
I'm not very receptive to all those bells'n'whistles you propose.

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