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SubjectRe: Slow DOWN, please!!!
Russ Dill wrote:
>> i can also say that i have noticed this on my own workstation, however
>> thats not really an as valid case, as i have also upgraded userspace and
>> such over time, but it used to be that my box wouldnt use more than
>> ~100mb to boot into X with kde open, and about ~300mb at browsing/mail
>> and such, but these days my workstation easily uses 1.5gb of ram for no
>> apparent reason..
>> something certainly is fishy around here, these days people just tend to
>> fix it by throwing 10 times more ram in than should really be necessary,
>> which i guess, is because the ram prices has dropped 10 times
> So you aren't really contributing anything to the discussion. It could
> be userspace, it could be different types of pages you are visiting,
> it could be the kernel, you haven't really measured what is taking up
> the memory. And of course, its all because developers are lazy. Thanks
> for the input.
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If your subscribing and reading this list at least have the courtesy to
think about your posting before delivering it around the world. Not to
be rude but do you know how dumb you look right now. There are many
programs that while provide detailed memory usage reports. That would
be a first step.

By "cc" to the list...

*WTF*!! For someone that's been lurking on the kernel lists on and off
since the mid 90's this has been one of the most stupid discussions and
largest timesink to date.. Is this really the LKML or the #linux
channel on irc?

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