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    SubjectRe: Slow DOWN, please!!!
    Stefan Richter wrote:
    > Tarkan Erimer wrote:
    >> To improve the quality of kernel releases, maybe we can create a
    >> special kernel testing tool.
    > A variety of bugs cannot be caught by automated tests. Notably those
    > which happen with rare hardware, or due to very specific interaction
    > with hardware, or with very special workloads.
    Of course,it's impossible to test all the things/scenarios. Just, that
    kind of tool, should allow us to minimize the issues that we will face.

    > An interesting thing to investigate would be to start at the
    > regression meta bugs at, go through all bugs on
    > which are linked from there, and try to figure out
    > - if these bugs could have been found by automated or at least
    > semiautomatic tests on pre-merge code, and
    > - how those tests had to have looked like, e.g. what equipment would
    > have been necessary.
    > Let's look back at the posting at the thread start:
    > | On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 10:03 AM, David Miller <>
    > wrote:
    > | > Yesterday, I spent the whole day bisecting boot failures
    > | > on my system due to the totally untested linux/bitops.h
    > | > optimization, which I fully analyzed and debugged.
    > ...
    > | > Yet another bootup regression got added within the last 24
    > | > hours.
    > Bootup regressions can be automatically caught if the necessary
    > machines are available, and candidate code gets exposure to test parks
    > of those machines. I hear this is already being done, and
    > increasingly so. But those test parks will ever only cover a tiny
    > fraction of existing hardware and cannot be subjected to all code
    > iterations and all possible .config permutations, hence will have
    > limited coverage of bugs.
    > And things like the bitops issue depend on review much more than on
    > tests, AFAIU.
    My idea is also hunting the bugs more easily via a tool like this that
    has a console/X interface and ability to bisect. So; users,who has
    little or no knowledge about git/bisect, can easily try to find out the
    problematic commits/bugs.


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