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    SubjectRe: [-mm][PATCH 4/4] Add memrlimit controller accounting and control (v4)
    On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 1:25 AM, Balbir Singh <> wrote:
    > >
    > > But the only *new* cases of taking the mmap_sem that this would
    > > introduce would be:
    > >
    > > - on a failed vm limit charge
    > Why a failed charge? Aren't we talking of moving all charge/uncharge
    > under mmap_sem?

    Sorry, I worded that wrongly - I meant "cleaning up a successful
    charge after an expansion fails for other reasons"

    I thought that all the charges and most of the uncharges were already
    under mmap_sem, and it would just be a few of the cleanup paths that
    needed to take it.

    > > - when a task moves between two cgroups in the memrlimit hierarchy.
    > >
    > Yes, this would nest cgroup_mutex and mmap_sem. Not sure if that would
    > be a bad side-effect.

    I think it's already nested that way - e.g. the cpusets code can call
    various migration functions (which take mmap_sem) while holding

    > Refactor the code to try and use mmap_sem and see what I come up
    > with. Basically use mmap_sem for all charge/uncharge operations as
    > well use mmap_sem in read_mode in the move_task() and
    > mm_owner_changed() callbacks. That should take care of the race
    > conditions discussed, unless I missed something.

    Sounds good.



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