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SubjectRe: [Bisected] Latest git will not boot on MacBook
Harald Arnesen wrote:
> See attached photo of screen.
> git bisect gives this:
> 78ab88f04f44bed566d51dce0c7cbfeff6449a06 is first bad commit
> commit 78ab88f04f44bed566d51dce0c7cbfeff6449a06
> Author: Tejun Heo <>
> Date: Thu May 1 23:41:41 2008 +0900
> libata: improve post-reset device ready test
> Some controllers (jmb and inic162x) use 0x77 and 0x7f to indicate that
> the device isn't ready yet. It looks like they use 0xff if device
> presence is detected but connection isn't established. 0x77 or 0x7f
> after connection is established and use the value from signature FIS
> after receiving it.
> This patch implements ata_check_ready(), which takes TF status value
> and determines whether the port is ready or not considering the above
> and other conditions, and use it in @check_ready() functions. This is
> safe as both 0x77 and 0x7f aren't valid ready status value even though
> they have BSY bit cleared.
> This fixes hot plug detection failures which can be triggered with
> certain drives if they aren't already spun up when the data connector
> is hot plugged.
> Tested on sil, sil24, ahci (jmb/ich), piix and inic162x combined with
> eight drives from all major vendors.
> Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <>
> Signed-off-by: Jeff Garzik <>

The change was reverted and I'm trying to come up with a better version.


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