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SubjectRe: [RFC 1/1] mm: add virt to phys debug
Christoph Lameter napsal(a):
> On Thu, 1 May 2008, Jiri Slaby wrote:
>> Add some (configurable) expensive sanity checking to catch wrong address
>> translations on x86.
>> - create linux/mmdebug.h file to be able include this file in
>> asm headers to not get unsolvable loops in header files
>> - __phys_addr on x86_32 became a function in ioremap.c since
>> PAGE_OFFSET and is_vmalloc_addr is undefined if declared in
>> page_32.h (again circular dependencies)
>> - add __phys_addr_const for initializing doublefault_tss.__cr3
> Hmmm.. We could use include/linux/bounds.h to make
> VMALLOC_START/VMALLOC_END (or whatever you need for checking the memory
> boundaries) a cpp constant which may allow the use in page_32.h without
> circular dependencies.

Hrm, not that easy. I ended up in splitting fixmap_32.h (VMALLOC constants
depends on it on 32-bit), moving around constants from over all the tree
(NR_CPUS, FIX_ACPI_PAGES...) to not include files which would create loops,
but still not having e.g. PMD_MASK available on all configurations. I think
it's not worth it. Objections to merging the patch as was


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