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SubjectRe: Tracking and crediting bug reporters
> > I cannot add a tag with a third party personal information upon it
> > without their permission nor can anyone else in a part of the world with
> > any vaguely resembling privacy laws.
> IANAL. Unless it's a public information, no? (As reports are.)

If they made it public fine - although building a database of that
requires care. That was my point. You need specific permission of the bug
reporter. Given bug reporters may have personal reasons (including 'works
at Microsoft') and business ones (from 'company policy' to 'three letter
agency') for not wanting the information public.

> Otherwise we would be in a big trouble, since we do this as far as can git
> history tell at least.

No: The Signed-off-by in GIT references the 1.1 contributor agreement
which specifically deals with that case.

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