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    SubjectRe: Deleting large files

    On Thursday 2008-05-08 01:14, Morten Welinder wrote:

    >> Suppose you had an N GB file that just filled up the disk. You now
    >> delete it, but get control back before it is really deleted. You
    >> now start to write a new file that will eventually just fill up
    >> the disk. [...]
    >NFS does not do that -- in fact, I don't believe any file system does that
    >unless you can guarantee at least that no other process or the kernel has
    >that file open;

    Iff a process still has the file open, your unlink will succeed immediately
    anyway, and the real deallocation takes place when the last process runs
    close(). Which shows an interesting fact too: not only unlink can block.

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