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SubjectRe: [RFC] Kernel naming convention in the merge phase
H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Oliver Hartkopp wrote:
>> i wonder about the Kernel naming convention in the merge phase before
>> the -rc1 is officially tagged by Linus.
>> Won't it be more precisely to name the current snapshot
>> 2.6.26-merge-git16 instead of 2.6.25-git16?
>> It is not that i would suggest to have a new git tag in this merge
>> phase but only the Makefile should be changed at the beginning of
>> this phase to identify the ongoing work for the 2.6.26:
>> (..)
>> Introducing the new '-merge' version _that_ early helps to avoid the
>> version confusion in /lib/modules and also allows people to work with
>> kernel version depended stuff in a very early phase.
> And it'll break all the robotic stuff again.
> Foo-gitX has always been a development snapshot which *follows* Foo.

Hm - if it breaks the robotic stuff, there could be a real
"v2.6.26-merge" git tag which shouldn't break like "v2.6.26-rc1".

It could look like this:

- tag v2.6.25
- drink a beer
- tag v2.6.26-merge
- pull the new stuff from subsystem maintainers
- tag v2.6.26-rc1
- ...

For me a 2.6.25-gitX looks like a snapshot that leads to a and
_not_ to a 2.6.26-rc1. The current 2.6.25-git16 is moch more a 2.6.26
than a 2.6.25. So v2.6.26-merge-git16 makes it much clearer what's going
on here.

To tag Linus' tree with v2.6.26-merge before pulling all the new 2.6.26
stuff seems therefore reasonable to me. But maybe i don't have all the
dependencies on my radar.


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