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    SubjectRe: [Regression: 2.6.25-rc5: Blank Screen: Intel 945]
    Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > Yeah, seems pretty weird. Given that you see it w/o the fb stuff loaded as
    > well and we still have a few open bugs against the intel X driver regarding
    > VT switch & mode programming, I don't think this is a real kernel regression.
    > It's more likely that some timing or memory layout changed subtly and is
    > causing to to hit one of our existing bugs more frequently that you did
    > before. Can you file a bug against the intel X driver at
    > so we can track it there? Unless we can find a way to
    > reproduce it reliably it'll probably take a long time to fix, but we don't
    > want to lose it either...

    Well, I'll file a bug on, but if you don't think
    it's a kernel regression then I'll wait until the final release of
    2.6.25 comes out (unless you _really_ need me to file it sooner).

    I still think it's somehow related to something that changed in the
    kernel from v24 to v25 because I've never had it happen with a kernel
    version less that 2.6.25. You say it's a timing issue; I've searched and
    found two things that have changed in v25: Preemptive RCU and I/O Port

    I've enabled both preemptive RCU and no I/O port delay. I've recompiled
    with both disabled and found that the blank screen _still_ happens. So,
    I'm figuring that _maybe_ by adding these options the kernel developers
    needed to change something that exposes something related to the intel driver that's no longer necessarily true
    (or something like that - do you get what I'm trying to say).

    This is what I have in my config:

    By the way is the intel driver that you work on the same that's enabled by:
    > CONFIG_DRM_I915=m

    Or is there another intel driver? And if so how are they
    (agp/drm/ related?


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