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    SubjectRe: Disk geometry from /sys
    In article <> you wrote:
    > Simplest way to find out what geometry a disk pretents to have is to ask
    > fdisk, and since the only use for the information is when creating
    > partitions, then fdisk's opinion is really all that seems to matter.

    Unfortunatelly there is also bios' view of the geometry, which is especially
    a problem for boot loaders. Just another hint:

    # lilo -T geom

    bios=0x00, cylinders=80, heads=2, sectors=18
    ( 1.44Mb 2,880 sectors) C:H:S supported (PC bios)

    BIOS reports 2 hard drives
    bios=0x80, cylinders=527, heads=255, sectors=63 vol-ID: 2C731DD1
    ( 4.33Gb 8,467,199 sectors) LBA32 supported (EDD bios)
    bios=0x81, cylinders=527, heads=255, sectors=63
    ( 4.33Gb 8,467,199 sectors) LBA32 supported (EDD bios)

    (um yes my system is somewhat outdated, thats an adaptec scsi bios.


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