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    SubjectRe: [rc8] Regression: key repeats and skips in music during compilation
    On Friday, 4 of April 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
    > While compiling glibc I am getting frequent short skips in music play
    > anddddddddddddddddd I have now three times seen key repeats (as in this
    > sentence). When there is a skip in the music, there is also a delay in
    > characters being typed appearing on the screen.
    > I have not seen these symptoms with earlier rc releases (at least, not since
    > rc1), but I have not really done many heavy compilations recently, so I'd
    > have to spend some time to verify where this started.
    > The problem seems somewhat different from what we had with rc1 as the mouse
    > is smooth.
    > System is dual core Pentium D (x86_64). During the compilation one processor
    > core is basically idle. The music files are being read from an NFS share.

    Can you test with CONFIG_GROUP_SCHED unset, please?


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