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    SubjectRe: [RFC 01/22] Generic show_mem() implementation
    > >> I can not follow you.  Of course the arch selects what they use.  But
    > >> they should not _all_ have to be flagged with an extra select. So what
    > >> default-value are you arguing for?
    > > The normal pattern is to let arch select the generic implmentation they
    > > use.
    > > Just because the majority does use the generic version should not
    > > make us start to use the inverse logic as in your case.
    > >
    > > So I want all archs that uses the generic show_mem() to
    > > do an explicit:
    > >
    > > config MYARCH
    > >
    > > Sam
    > What is the rationale behind this? It is not a function the arch should
    > select at all because it is VM code. The remaining arch-specific
    > versions are meant to be removed too.
    > It would be like forcing all architectures to select HAVE_GENERIC_PRINTK
    > just because one architecture oopses on printk() and needs to replace it
    > with its own version.

    Positive logic and consistency with the CONFIG_HAVE_WHATEVER is the reason.

    But you can solve this problem with no ifdefs and config options at all,
    since you may as well just use __attribute__((weak)) for the generic

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