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SubjectRe: module parameters versus kernel command line
On Friday 04 April 2008 21:45:37 Marc Pignat wrote:
> On Friday 04 April 2008, Rusty Russell wrote:
> ...
> > The second is that users might be surprised when they take
> > the 'usbcore.blinkenlights' line out of their modprobe config file and it
> > still applies. Most users use everything-is-a-module distributions.
> Why don't do it in user space (let insmod/modprobe parse /proc/cmdline)?
> 1. Users won't be surprised after looking at the new man pages:)
> 2. it will work with older kernel
> The warning problem is more complicated to fix.

I like this idea, and also have module tools ship with
a 'check-kernel-cmdline' tool which handles the warnings for unusable cmdline
params. Distributions can run this in their init scripts, and we can remove
the warning from the kernel.

The best bit about this idea: it's now Jon's problem :)


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