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SubjectRe: Re: Fwd: [PATCH] [MMC] fix clock problem in PXA255/270
> Different in what regard? Or are you referring to the already present
> clock fudging in the driver?
I mean already present clock... but it looks only I have problem with this using Linux.
I've checked other OS with the same board and it switch off the SD clock after complete the data transfer and switching the SD to idle mode.

> This is a project that has been popping up now and then, but the big
> thing that is lacking is someone who is able to actually measure if
> there is a power gain from this. I don't want to add a lot of code that
> isn't doing any good, so I want hard numbers.
OK OK. I understand. :)
I check some devices with the SD and Linux inside and all of them had modified driver which is able to switch off the clock :)
Thus the "persistent clock" problem exist, but nobody say about it :)

Thank you for all explanations.

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