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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ext3: Fix typos in messages and comments (journalled -> journaled)
> > A search of the ACM literature finds "journalized", "journalled" and
> > "journaled" are all in use for this operation.
> I hate to get into these discussions, but I've used "journaled" a lot,
> so I feel I should chime in.

I noticed and IBM cannot even agree internally 8)

"Tivoli Storage Manager Journal Based Backup troubleshooting techniques
and solutions to common problems seen with journalized backups and the
journal database. This is from a 2005_November_07 Support Technical
Exchange Web seminar presented by TSM Support staff"

"IBM Journaled File System (JFS)"

> That would probably be more correct, but the use of "journal" as a verb
> has really gotten ingrained in file system developers brains. I
> personally haven't heard or used "journalized" and it would take some
> getting used to.

Mandrake use Journalized File System in various press articles. Mac
people seem to like journalized too and google shows it used in various
reviews and articles.

I think I'm going to follow this up with the professional bodies and see
if there is an opinion because either the computing world needs to agree
on a proper English name, or they need to agree on a new one and talk to
the dictionary people about it.


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