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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/1] Embedded Maintainer(s), list
On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 18:42 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> Andrew Morton has been saying recently that we need an 'embedded
> maintainer', to take responsibility for 'embedded issues' in the core
> kernel, as well as trying to improve our relationship with those using
> the Linux kernel for 'embedded' devices -- who have a reputation of
> not working with us very closely; to their detriment as well as our
> own.
> Various people, including myself, have been doing that kind of thing
> on and off over the years anyway, but Andrew is probably right that
> it's worth having someone listed in the MAINTAINERS file who actually
> considers it their responsibility, and as a point of contact for
> people seeking advice, review, etc.
> I've volunteered to take a more active rôle in this, and Wind River
> has agreed to assign Paul Gortmaker to it, too. The following patch
> adds both of us to the MAINTAINERS file.

Excellent news.

> We have also set up a mailing list,,
> where development related to embedded stuff can happen in a slightly
> less noisy environment than the main linux-kernel list. We'd like to
> encourage anyone working on Linux in embedded devices to join the list.

Do you see this list as a general embedded patch/issues discussion list,
a help list, a list for vendors to interact with the community, or all
of the above?

I ask because having the entry in MAINTAINERS is great, but I expect
some to be a bit confused as to what that actually means.


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