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SubjectRe: suspend
Hello with doing some more testing on suspending the macbook pro;
like in the other posts about appletouch, it seems to me to be a
problem with X, one test appletouch was able to have scroll
functionality due to the event number staying the same. Hopefully with
the latest version coming this issue will be resolved. With running
a test on wpa_supplicant. when shutting internet off then suspending
the system wpa_supplicant seems to be unresponsive, but if you leave
wpa_supplicant connected the only issue I see is when wpa_supplicant
does a rekey.

with streaming music xmms seems to do alright, the music will play
whatever is left in the memory then reconnect itself, with watching
T.V. through gmplayer it seems to loose connectivity as well as
watching T.V. through flash.

With watching a DVD gmplayer seems to crash everytime upon wakeup.

with the isight it seems rmmod uvcvideo and modprobe uvcvideo does the
trick, but SELinux will reject the device due to the event number
With the bluetooth mighty mouse hid2hci --tohci does the trick, but
I'm not satisfied with that, how to keep the device on hci?
after a wakeup.
Justin P. Mattock

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 8:53 AM, Stefan Schweizer <> wrote:
> > On second thought, this should be fixed by usb persist if the appletouch
> > driver supported reset_resume. Would you be willing to test a kernel patch
> > that implements reset_resume in the appletouch driver?
> Sure, I would love to have this fixed :-)
> best regards,
> -Stefan
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Justin P. Mattock

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