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Subject[PATCH 000 of 9] md: Assorted patches for the 2.5.26 merge window

Following 9 patches for md are suitable for 2.5.26.
Yes, I really should have submitted them to -mm earlier, but I've been
on leave, sorry.

First patch is a bug fix that should go in 2.6.25.stable.
It has been copied to

Others are mostly related to "external" metadata support. i.e. a userspace
program does all the management of metadata, and needs to communicate
with the kernel to do its job properly.


[PATCH 001 of 9] md: Fix use after free when removing rdev via sysfs
[PATCH 002 of 9] md: Skip all metadata update processing when using external metadata.
[PATCH 003 of 9] md: Reinitialise more mddev fields in do_md_stop.
[PATCH 004 of 9] md: Fix 'safemode' handling for external metadata.
[PATCH 005 of 9] md: Fix up switching md arrays between read-only and read-write
[PATCH 006 of 9] md: Remove a stray command from a copy and paste error in resync_start_store
[PATCH 007 of 9] md: prevent duplicates in bind_rdev_to_array
[PATCH 008 of 9] md: md: raid5 rate limit error printk
[PATCH 009 of 9] md: md: support blocking writes to an array on device failure

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