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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86_32: trim memory by updating e820 v3

    * Gabriel C <> wrote:

    > > please try v2 version
    > >
    > >
    > Box still won't boot with mtrr_chunk_size=1g but without it is perfect
    > :)) Thx for your work. I've quick tested some games and 3d things ,
    > all are working with this patch really nice.

    excellent. So just to make sure: this box never had proper graphics
    under Linux (under no previous kernel), due to the way the BIOS has set
    up the MTRR's, right?

    so fixing up the MTRRs during bootup, no matter how dangerous in theory,
    is pretty much the best option to get your system to work fine under
    Linux, with that specific Xorg version?

    i think we should still try to make this a non-default option because
    modern Xorg should not have any need to touch MTRRs. Perhaps a .config
    dependent on CONFIG_DANGEROUS ;-)


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