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On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 7:10 PM, SL Baur <> wrote:
> On 4/26/08, David Miller <> wrote:
> > Because anyone who is paying attention can see clearly that you're
> > trying to push as much stuff as quickly as possible into Linus's tree
> I'm giving up for the moment trying to review anything. I can't contribute
> by compile testing a lot of stuff - I don't have a farm of computers that can
> build and boot thousands of kernels overnight, nor a machine that can build
> a kernel in 2 minutes, nor a suite of cross-compilers that can test
> build patches
> across all the architectures we support. I'm not paid to follow any of this, my
> only paid concern is Linux userland and so following Linux Kernel is a hobby.
> If you, Ingo, are going to push patches in before they can be reviewed, what
> reason is there for anyone to bother trying? (The patch I was trying to review
> that you merged before review was complete was different than this one).
> Oh and Thank You! David for starting to post your git pull messages. Idiots
> like me read those sorts of things and appreciate it *very* much.
> -sb (I *like* reading patches and I want to contribute any way I can)

The thing is merging doesn't change the code, reviewing patches in
Linus' tree or patches on there way to Linus' tree,
shouldn't really affect review unless its in the creating a new
userspace API area.

so please continue to review the patches even if they make it
upstream, you can still provide feedback,

just because something lands in the core kernel tree doesn't mean it
is actually perfect, far from it..


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