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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/24] Unify integer type definitions, and add fixed type constructor macros
    Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > On Friday 25 April 2008, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    >> This patchset unifies the integer definitions across all the
    >> <asm-*/types.h> files, replacing them with two asm-generic files, one
    >> for the LL64 model (all 32-bit architectures plus x86-64) and one for
    >> the L64 model (all other 64-bit architectures.)
    > I started hacking on a similar patch just yesterday, but with a slightly
    > different goal. My intention was to move the headers in a direction
    > where a new architecture (microblaze being the next one) would no longer
    > have to care about ABI defining headers at all, but just use the defaults
    > from a single #include line.
    > I could deal with x86 by leaving the current asm-x86/types.h in place,
    > and change all the others so they can use the common one. The only
    > difference here would be umode_t and dma_addr_t, which are irregularly
    > defined on a few architectures, but we can assume reasonable defaults, as in

    It seems reasonable to implement what you are proposing on top of my
    changes, IMO.


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