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SubjectRe: [git pull] "big box" x86 changes, boot protocol
Andrew Morton wrote:
>> + memcpy(&early_res[i], &early_res[i + 1],
>> + (j - 1 - i) * sizeof(struct early_res));
> nit: memcpy() shouldn't be used for overlapping copies. It happens to be
> OK (for dst<src) in the kernel implementations. We hope.

Definitely shouldn't be assumed. At one point in the distant past I had
a ppc memcpy which would clobber a destination cacheline before reading
the source, so source and dest within a cacheline's distance would be
trouble, regardless of the direction. Arch-specific code which knows
about the arch-specific details of memcpy might be safer, I guess, but
its still fairly brittle.


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