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    SubjectRe: [patch 00/54] PNP cleanup, v4
    On 25-04-08 20:38, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:

    > I'm still working through some issues with removing the
    > fixed pnp_resource_table. But I'd like to get some of
    > the earlier patches off my plate, so here they are.

    Good idea...

    [patch 01/54] PNP: turn on -DDEBUG when CONFIG_PNP_DEBUG is set
    [patch 06/54] PNP: add pnp_eisa_id_to_string()
    [patch 07/54] PNP: add pnp_alloc_dev()
    [patch 17/54] PNP: add debug output to option registration
    [patch 20/54] PNP: add debug output to encoders
    [patch 28/54] PNP: remove pnp_mem_flags() as an lvalue
    [patch 31/54] PNP: reduce redundancy in pnp_assign_port() and others
    [patch 32/54] PNP: reduce redundancy in pnp_check_port() and others
    [patch 33/54] PNP: reduce redundancy in pnp_set_current_resources()
    [patch 34/54] PNP: check for conflicts with all resources, not just earlier
    [patch 35/54] PNP: pass resources, not indexes, to pnp_check_port(), et al
    [patch 36/54] PNP: convert resource checks to use pnp_get_resource(), not
    [patch 37/54] PNP: convert encoders to use pnp_get_resource(), not
    [patch 40/54] PNP: make pnp_resource_table private to PNP core
    [patch 42/54] PNP: add struct pnp_resource
    [patch 43/54] PNP: add pnp_resource index for ISAPNP
    [patch 45/54] PNP: make generic pnp_add_irq_resource()
    [patch 46/54] PNP: make generic pnp_add_dma_resource()
    [patch 47/54] PNP: make generic pnp_add_io_resource()
    [patch 48/54] PNP: make generic pnp_add_mem_resource()
    [patch 49/54] PNP: use pnp_get_pnp_resource() in resource assignment
    [patch 51/54] PNPACPI: move _CRS/_PRS warnings closer to the action
    [patch 52/54] PNP: make interfaces private to the PNP core
    [patch 53/54] ISAPNP: remove unused pnp_dev->regs field
    [patch 54/54] PNPBIOS: remove include/linux/pnpbios.

    All of the above Acked-By: Rene Herman <>

    [patch 21/54] PNP: add debug when assigning PNP resources
    [patch 26/54] PNP: factor pnp_init_resource_table() and
    [patch 29/54] PNP: convert resource accessors to use pnp_get_resource(), not
    [patch 38/54] PNP: remove PNP_MAX_* uses
    [patch 41/54] PNP: remove pnp_resource_table references from resource
    [patch 44/54] PNP: add pnp_new_resource() to find a new unset pnp_resource
    [patch 50/54] ISAPNP: fold isapnp_read_resources() back into

    The above just now commented on...

    [patch 02/54] ISAPNP: move config register addresses out of isapnp.h
    [patch 04/54] PNP: make pnp_add_id() internal to PNP core
    [patch 05/54] PNP: change pnp_add_id() to allocate its own pnp_id structures
    [patch 08/54] PNP: make pnp_add_card_id() internal to PNP core
    [patch 09/54] PNP: change pnp_add_card_id() to allocate its own pnp_id
    [patch 10/54] ISAPNP: pull pnp_add_card_id() out of isapnp_parse_card_id()
    [patch 11/54] PNP: add pnp_alloc_card()
    [patch 13/54] PNPACPI: use temporaries to reduce repetition
    [patch 14/54] PNPACPI: hoist dma_flags() out of
    [patch 15/54] PNPACPI: extend irq_flags() to set IORESOURCE_IRQ_SHAREABLE
    [patch 16/54] PNPACPI: pass pnp_dev instead of acpi_handle
    [patch 18/54] PNP: remove pnp_resource_table from internal get/set
    [patch 19/54] PNP: remove more pnp_resource_table arguments
    [patch 22/54] PNP: add pnp_init_resources(struct pnp_dev *) interface
    [patch 23/54] PNP: remove pnp_resource_table from internal
    [patch 24/54] PNP: remove unused interfaces using pnp_resource_table
    [patch 25/54] PNP: use dev_printk when possible
    [patch 27/54] PNP: add pnp_get_resource() interface
    [patch 30/54] PNP: use conventional "i" for loop indices
    [patch 39/54] rtc: dont reference pnp_resource_table directly

    The above already had my Acked-By.

    [patch 03/54] PNPACPI: continue after _CRS and _PRS errors
    [patch 12/54] PNPACPI: pnpacpi_encode_ext_irq() wrongly set "irq" instead of

    The above no opinion.

    The series has also been (lightly) tested with ISA-PnP on two machines.


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